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Courses on Offer
2021/22 Semester 2
You may refer to the following table for the courses which will be offered.
If you wish to know which courses are required/elective courses for your curriculum, please refer to your Academic Plan in PowerCAMPUS Self-Service.
For section details (e.g. Time, Venue, Professors) of individual courses, please proceed to PowerCAMPUS Self-Service (Section Search) starting from 5 January 2022.

Course Code Course Title Remarks
BUS2002 Social and Legal Environment for Business  
BUS3203 Business Ethics  
CHI1002 Applied Chinese Language  
CHI2003 Putonghua  
ECE1003 Early Childhood Curriculum Design, Implementation and Evaluation  
ECE1006 Expressive Arts, Music and Movement  
ECE1010 Language and Literacy in Early Childhood Education  
ECE2001 Family and Culture  
ECE2005 Principles and Strategies for Supporting Children with Diverse Needs  
ECE2006 Educational Management in Early Childhood Settings  
ECE2007 Infant Care, Safety and Health  
ECE3002 Rethinking Professionalism in Ever Changing Society  
ECE3003 Research Methods in Early Childhood Education  
ECE4002 Drawing the Potentials of Children with Physical and Sensory Needs  
ECE4003 Exposure of English for Young Children  
ECE4004 Issues in Early Childhood Education  
ECE4115 Play and Art Therapy  
ECN1001 Introduction to Economics  
ENG0011 Practical English for Healthcare Workers For DHS students only
ENG0200 English Enhancement Course 2  
ENG1001 Developing English Language Skills  
ENG2006 Enhancing Academic English Skills  
ENG2011 English for Healthcare Professionals  
ENG2013 English for Social Sciences  
ENG3003 Business Communication in English  
ENG3006 Advanced English Writing Skills  
GEA1205 Understanding and Motivating Self GE Elective (Area 1)
GEA1213 Social and Emotional Well-being GE Elective (Area 1)
GEA1218 Ageing and Society GE Elective (Area 1)
GEA1306 Interpersonal Relationship and Team Work GE Elective (Area 1)
GEB1011 Thinking about Global Environmental Issues GE Elective (Area 2)
GEB1308 Chinese and Western Modes of Thoughts GE Elective (Area 2)
GEB3310 Exploring Global Cultures GE Elective (Area 2)
GEC1101 Readings in Chinese Classical Poetry and Essays GE Elective (Area 3)
GEC1102 Interpreting Art GE Elective (Area 3)
GEC1311 Media and Everyday Life GE Elective (Area 3)
GEC3101 Hong Kong Literature in Context GE Elective (Area 3)
GED1008 Introduction to Statistics GE Elective (Area 4)
GED1404 Introduction to Graphic Design and Digital Imaging GE Elective (Area 4)
GED1424 Weight Management - East Meets West GE Elective (Area 4)
GED1425 Recreational Activities and Exercises for All Ages GE Elective (Area 4)
GED2005 Information Technology and Multimedia Applications GE Elective (Area 4)
GEN0201 Creative and Critical Thinking For DHS students only
GEN1205 Understanding and Motivating Self  
GEN1304 The Development and Operation of Non-profit Organizations  
GER2002 Ethical and Legal Aspects in Health and Social Care  
GER2021 Comprehensive Assessment of Older People  
GER3001 Research Methods  
GER3011 Formal and Informal Carers  
GER3013 Chronic Illness Management  
GER3023 Dementia Management  
GER3024 Gerontechnology  
HSS1008 Statistics for Social Sciences  
HSS1012 Applied Sociology  
HSS4001 Crime and Deviance  
MED1005 Biochemistry  
MED1006 General Microbiology and Immunology  
MED1009 Introduction to Physics  
MED2002 Toxicology  
MED2009 Introduction to Chinese Medicine  
MED2016 Radiographic Imaging Science  
MED2105 Chemical Skills for Forensic Science  
MED2106 Pathophysiology  
MED2110 Principles of Oncology and Radiotherapy  
MED2120 Imaging Anatomy  
MED3004 Complementary and Alternative Medicine  
MED3007 Biomedical Criminalistics  
MED3008 Clinical Laboratory Chemistry and Immunochemistry  
MED3009 Clinical Laboratory Haematology and Transfusion Science  
MED3010 Principles of Molecular Diagnostics  
MED3018 Radiotherapy Planning and Dosimetry  
MED3020 Computed Tomography  
MED3035 Clinical Immunology  
MED3039 Physical Evidence Analysis  
MED3113 Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations  
MED3117 Radiobiology  
MED3119 Advanced Radiotherapy Techniques and Management  
MED3125 Radiation Protection and Safe Practice  
MED4002 Virology  
MED4004 Advanced Pathology  
MED4005 Clinical Laboratory Cellular Pathology  
MED4006 Clinical Laboratory Medical Microbiology  
MED4007 Introduction to Criminal Justice  
MED4010 Contemporary Cancer Therapy  
MED4019 Molecular Diagnosis of Human Diseases  
MED4039 Presentation of Forensic Evidence in Court  
MGT1001 Introduction to Management  
MGT2002 Management and Organisational Behaviour  
MGT3011 Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Management  
MGT3012 Corporate and Non-Profit Governance  
MGT3013 Community Development  
MGT3015 Fund-raising and Donor Relations  
MGT3019 Writing Business Plan, Proposal and Grant Application  
MGT3020 Digital Data Management  
NUR0111 Integrated Course of Combined Health Worker For DHS students only
NUR0202 Rehabilitation Care For DHS students only
NUR1012 Fundamentals of Nursing I  
NUR1013 Fundamentals of Nursing II Lecture 01/02 & Tutorial 01-06 & Laboratory 01-11 are offered to HDN students
Lecture 03 & Tutorial 07-11 & Laboratory 12-20 are offered to BHScN students
NUR1014 Professionalism and Contemporary Nursing  
NUR1015 Human Anatomy and Physiology  
NUR1016 Microbiology and Pharmacology  
NUR1017 Care of Adults  
NUR1018 Health Assessment  
NUR1020 Essential Concepts of Chinese Medicine  
NUR1021 Microbiology  
NUR1022 Public Health  
NUR1216 Communication in Healthcare Settings  
NUR1403 Introduction to Health Informatics Lecture 01/02 & Tutorial/Seminar 01-04 are offered to BHScN students
Lecture 03 & Tutorial/Seminar 15-20 are offered to BMSc/BScMLS/BScRT/HDHS students
NUR2011 Care of Older Persons  
NUR2013 Ethical and Legal Aspects of Health Care  
NUR2018 Pathophysiology  
NUR2025 Advanced Pathophysiology  
NUR2026 Primary Care and Community Nursing  
NUR2028 Psychosocial Dimensions of Health and Illness  
NUR2029 Maternal and Infant Care Lecture 01 & Seminar 01-03 & Laboratory 01-08 are offered to BHScN Senior Year Entry students
Lecture 02/03 & Seminar 04-10 & Laboratory 09-35 are offered to BHScN First Year Entry students
NUR2033 Care of Older People  
NUR3001 Research Methods in Health Care Lecture 01 & Tutorial/Seminar 01-04 are offered to BHScN Senior Year Entry students
Lecture 02/03 & Seminar 05-16 are offered to BHScN First Year Entry students
NUR3002 Ethical and Legal Aspects in Health Care Lecture 01 & Tutorial 01-04 are offered to BHScN Senior Year Entry students
Lecture 02/03 & Seminar 05-21 are offered to BHScN First Year Entry students & BMSc/BScMLS/BScRT/HDHS students
NUR3009 Care of People with Communicable Diseases  
NUR3012 Mental Health Nursing  
NUR3111 Care of People with Non-communicable Diseases (I) Lecture 01 & Seminar 01/02 & Laboratory 01-08 are offered to BHScN Senior Year Entry students
Lecture 02/03 & Seminar 03-10 & Laboratory 09-36 are offered to BHScN First Year Entry students
NUR3112 Care of People with Non-communicable Diseases (II)  
NUR3113 Care of People with Non-communicable Diseases (III)  
NUR3114 Care of People with Non-communicable Diseases (IV)  
OCC1001 Human Development across Life Span Lecture 01 is offered to BScPT students
Lecture 02 is offered to BScOT students
OCC2002 OT Theory and Process II  
OCC2003 Ageing and Diseases  
OCC2009 Therapeutic Communication  
OCC2010 Functional Human Anatomy  
OCC2011 Enabling Occupation - Child and Education I  
OCC3001 Enabling Occupation - Health Care I  
OCC3002 Enabling Occupation - Health Care II  
OCC3009 Adaptive and Assistive Technology  
OCC3010 Applied Research Methodology in Rehabilitation Science  
PHT1021 Assessment and Evaluation in Physiotherapy  
PHT1024 Applied Exercise Science  
PHT1025 Movement Science and Kinesiology  
PHT2011 Clinical Neuroscience  
PHT2013 Research Methods and Statistics  
PHT2024 Physiotherapy in Musculoskeletal Context II  
PHT3012 Rehabilitation in Older People  
PHT3022 Physiotherapy in Paediatrics and Developmental Disabilities  
PHT3025 Physiotherapy in Cardiorespiratory Context II  
PHT3027 Physiotherapy in Musculoskeletal Context IV  
PHT3029 Physiotherapy in Neurological Context II  
PHT4008 Rehabiliation Psychology for Physiotherapists  
PSY1001 Developmental Psychology  
PSY1207 Personal Growth and Mental Health  
PSY2001 Cognitive Psychology: Theories of How We Think  
PSY2003 Social Psychology: Dynamics between Individuals and Groups  
PSY2005 Fundamental Skills to Counselling  
PSY2006 Advertising and Consumer Psychology  
PSY2007 Empowering Process in the Welfare Settings  
PSY3012 Historical and Contemporary Issues in Psychology  
PSY4001 Educational Psychology  
PSY4008 Rehabilitative Psychology  
PSY4009 Parenting and Child Development  
PSY4010 Advanced Counselling Skills Training  
PSY4012 Children and Adolescents with Special Needs  
PSY4115 Play and Art Therapy  


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