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News & Events

Date Title
25/11/2021 【香港經濟日報】 優質課程提升學生競爭力 孕育全面物理治療專才
12/11/2021 【灼見名家】 東華學院陳慧慈校長與張炳良教授對談:自資院校須樹立獨特品牌
11/11/2021 Tung Wah College Awards Almost Five Hundred Graduates at its 9th Graduation Ceremony
06/11/2021 Themed Seminars: Personal Health Maintenance from Integrative Health of Chinese Medicine & Nursing Perspectives
03/11/2021 TWC participates in the Gerontech and Innovation Expo cum Summit (GIES) 2021
27/10/2021 Live Chat with Programme Leaders and Teaching Team (2022/23 Entry)
27/10/2021 Responses by TWC to 2021 Policy Address
23/10/2021 TWC Hosts Teacher Seminar on Implementing "Free Play" from the 5C’s perspective
09/10/2021 TWC Information Day 2021
30/09/2021 【晴報】開心指數回升 惟年輕抑鬱者大增
30/09/2021 【am730】購物解悶|第二期消費券明派發 港人開心指數回升
30/09/2021 Visit of honourable guests from Committee on Self-financing Post-secondary Education and Education Bureau
29/09/2021 A Public Clarification - an Experimental Study on the Mask Fit and Usability of Nanofibre N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators in 2015
29/09/2021 【香港01】調查:開心指數縱回升 政治治安滿意度仍最低 港人抑鬱嚴重
29/09/2021 【經濟日報】【開心指數】調查發現港人開心指數較去年微升 惟48%人有抑鬱症狀超疫情高峰期
24/09/2021 【求職廣場】 13人爭一學位就業率95% 護士求才若渴過來人分享經歷
21/09/2021 【香港01】44個自資學士課程獲SSSDP計劃資助 金額按通脹調升至4.4萬
13/09/2021 【頭條日報】 自資校畢業生薪差大 東華最高平均逾3萬 學士與副學位 只距2000元
08/09/2021 【明報JUMP】職業治療師「落地」服務 為病人製定合適治療方案 助服務對象重新掌握生活技能
08/09/2021 【明報】DSE考生錄10年新低 東華學院收909新生超預期

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